We have personally programmed over 75 Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) including SEL-3530s, SEL-2030s, SEL-3332s, SEL-3555s and others. We have performed end-to-end testing with various master systems, such as Survalent, Wonderware, iFIX, and others. We can help you monitor and control your system by designing modern and cost-effective SCADA systems.

RTAC Upgrade and Programming

We will help you upgrade your old SEL-2030 or other RTU to the new SEL-3530 platform. We will enable automatic event collection, remote relay access, and other advanced features for your substation. We will work with you to test every single SCADA point to ensure correct operation.

HMI Design

We can design and test an HMI for your SEL-3530. We will work with your design team to make sure all graphics are compatible with your system.


We will help you troubleshoot a SCADA issue. We can determine the cause of the issue (communication, networking, programming, etc) and help you come to a solution.



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