We have personally commissioned and energized over 50 substations and reclosers. We have tested and verified many relaying schemes including
  • Overcurrent / Reclosing
  • Transformer Differential
  • Bus Differential
  • Fast Bus
  • Line Differential
  • Breaker Fail
  • Step-Distance
  • DCB
  • POTT

Relay Testing

We go way beyond simple relay element testing. We verify over-current settings and check for mis-coordination. We review every setting file and check for unwanted and unused elements. We produce a detailed report of all relay tests performed including data from the relays such as Sequence of Events, Metering, and Relay Status.


We have the ability to commission SCADA and HMI systems during the checkout process reducing additional trips and travel costs. We also have the ability to troubleshoot networking and communication issues.

Functional Checks

We test every DC and AC circuit on the schematics for functionality. We physically operate every device and trigger and verify every alarm. We produce a set of schematics with all paths highlighted and all markups red-lined.

Equipment Checks

We inject primary current through every breaker to ensure Current Transformer and Bus Differential functionality. We inject voltage on the primary side of every PT and station-service transformer to verify ratios and wiring.

Client Satisfaction

We will do everything possible to meet and exceed your expectations. Any further testing or documentation you require will be included as needed. We will work nights/weekends/holidays to get your projected completed on time and on schedule.

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