Protection & Control

We have personally designed the protection and control systems for over 30 substations and reclosers. We will work with you to design the best and most reliable system possible.

Relay Panel Upgrade

We can help you create a more reliable system by upgrading old electromechanical relays to modern microprocessor relays. We will work with you to produce panel drawings, schematics, bill of materials, and wiring diagrams to fit your specific needs.

Relay Panel New Construction

We can design a modern protection and control system to fit in your substation. We will work with you to select the best relays and communication processors to integrate into your existing system. We will layout panels with your approval to meet your specific needs. We will produce all the necessary schematics and documentation, and we will work with suppliers and contractors to ensure your needs are met.

Drop-In Building

We can provide a complete drop-in control building design which includes new relay panels, battery system, panel-boards, HVAC, cable tray, etc.

Equipment Upgrades

We can provide equipment specifications and evaluations for breakers, circuit switchers, transformers, and all other substation equipment.

Relay Settings

We will review relay settings for your current system to identify any mis-coordination issues. We can write relay settings for new or upgraded relays. We can read and analyze event reports to determine fault location and fault type.

Relay Panel

Overcurrent Curves

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